Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I got my schedule from Coach. It's a so so week, some hard stuff - but lots. I am really working on my time management.

I went for my 60 minute run today. It wasn't great, again. I had that feeling going into it so I took it easy and concentrated on keeping my heart rate down and tried to work on form. Here is the deal - around 40 minutes, I felt something strange. And not in the good way. It kind of went away and I made it back to the office. My first thought was, this isn't happening. This is stupid.

Kristin and Jess convinced me to go for my swim, even though I was tired and something still wasn't right. I headed up to Wilson instead of CUA, because it was free and closer to home. I got there and the pool was empty. Not meaning 1 or 2 people per lane - but no one. Apparently the heater wasn't working so no one was allowed to swim. BOO!! Yet again Wilson pool disappointed me. I am just a sucker for a 50 meter pool. Stupid.

So I came home, made dinner, did some laundry, played my new game obsession on my iPhone, and tried to avoid what I was feeling.

Okay, want to know what I am talking about?>? My knee hurts. I mean, really hurts. And it has been getting worse throughout the day. I have been icing it, trying to stay off it, and just not freak out. Trying not to blame the fact that my diet isn't where it should be and therefore my weight is too high for the level of activity I am doing. Trying not to blame the fact that I waited too long to work on my running. Trying not just feel stupid about the fact my knee hurts. But I am worried and am really hoping it will all be better tomorrow.

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