Monday, March 21, 2011

A Week in Review

One would think that since I am not doing 2+ hour workouts or doubles, I would have time to blog. Not so much. I am still working on that time management thing.

Wednesday I managed to ride on the trainer after a board meeting. Go me!

Thursday I had to celebrate my heritage - so I didn't make it to the pool. Coach was okay with that so I didn't have to worry.

Friday was a beautiful day so Mr. Shorty Shorts and I took our Capital Bike Shares out for a nice lunch ride. And instead of frantically cleaning my bike to ride outside, I just biked on the trainer again. I had the windows open, so that counts.... right?!?!

Saturday was a trip to the pool for more water jogging and a swim.

Sunday - well, that will get it's own post...

And today back to the pool for water jogging and swimming.

Tomorrow, back to PT. I am hoping for good news and that my exercises have been paying off. I am slightly starting to freak out about not being able to run. Walking 26.2 miles is a long LONG way. And I am under the 6 month mark. BUT, I just need to make smart choices.

Now, I am off to write about yesterday...

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