Monday, April 4, 2011



I don't know how many times I am going to hit the reset button, but I just hit it again. I am 159 days away from Ironman Wisconsin. That's a tad over 5 months away. I am kind of freaking out a bit, but trying very hard not to. I would like to be in a different place in terms of training right now, but due to my limitations from my body, I am doing all that I can. I need to adjust my expectations and just do the best I can.

So, I am not going to dwell and give a recap of the past two weeks. There has been some swimming. Some biking - both inside and out, but mostly inside. Some power walking. Some running (for 5 minutes). Some water jogging. And a few days off here and there.

There have been dinners made by my personal cook. A wedding (no, NOT MINE!). Cheering for a 10 mile race (again, not my race!). Great conversations with people who are training for IM Moo. Or Lake Placid. Or who just understand. Some quick chats with my family who continue to be more than supportive of my decisions and remind me of how lucky I am. Oh, and of course - my full time job which has included countless hours in meetings (okay, I could actually count them - but I think that would make me cry).

I have to remind myself that this is my choice. I chose to do this race again. That for the next 5+ months it will be my number 1 focus. And I will continue to hope it will work out the way I have it planned. But I also have to remember that if it doesn't - it's just one day. A glorious 20 hour day from wake up to bed time - but just one day.


william said...

Great to see you Monday and you look great. Excited for you that you will kick some IMMOO this year. You've been there. Take care of the foot, train smart and give my regards to Minona Terrace.


Shannon said...

Your attitude is AWESOME... and it will be reflected on race day!! =) Keep it up and remember you HAVE LOTS of folks to vent to!!