Monday, April 11, 2011

Back At Work

Monday's Post

In terms of my workouts AND my real job. See, I am one of those government workers who was really hoping for a shut down. I could have done so much with a day or two off!! Sleep, laundry, clean my bathroom.... oh, and of course bike and power walk/run. Not swim, DC pools would have been closed with the shut down, but the biking I could have done!!

This weekend was pretty busy but I managed to get in all I need to. That included my first trip back to MacArthur Blvd. and up the hill at Old Anglers. I was allowed to do 1 hill, about 6%, which was perfect. I was on my own, and probably best that I did my first ride at my pace and not having to worry about holding anyone up. I spent the first part of the ride really concentrating on my cadence - nothing below 80. It was work on my legs, but in the good way. I saw Adam S, Alejandro, and apparently Travis saw me. Even when I am biking on my own, it's nice to know so many other people are out there!

Anyway, I started to get to the big hill and remembered all the little things I am supposed to do while going up a hill - mainly pull up on the legs, and keep a high cadence (nothing below 70). It was nice to have something to think of during the never ending hill. The hill that I always forget how long it is the first few times I ride up. And how much it sucks. And how bad it was after working on my cadence for the first part of the ride. And how I really didn't want to be doing the hill any more.

Once I reached the top, I needed a break. I stopped the watch. Stopped the Garmin and just took a few deep breaths. I lowered my heart rate. Had a snack. And kept going.

It was hard not to feel defeated. I know it was my first ride with a hill, but it just made me feel all the work I did over the winter, on the trainer and spin class, didn't do a thing. Unfortunately, that is about all I focused on for the next hour of the ride. Oh, and Jetties. Jetties got me though. They have really good sandwiches.

After a facebook post with supportive comments and a call from Alejandro, I felt much better about the ride. I just need more time in the saddle. And the race is 5 months away.

Sunday was the GW 10 miler and Carolina (and NINJA!) and I met up to cheer on our friends. I am usually pretty good, but just stunk that day. Missed a lot of photo opportunites (sorry all!)And I also realized my friends are now ridiculously fast. Not one had an avg. pace with a double digit (in fact, I think most were 8 something). Nice work everyone!

It was weekends like that which continue to remind me of my good fortune. I have the time to and ability to train, and cheer friends and celebrate their accomplishments (and birthdays) makes me happy.

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Catharine said...

Sorry you're struggling, hon, but I have an idea. You need to stop hanging out with all of those fasties and start hanging out with me more. I promise it will make you feel better - for many reasons. Most of all, you'll feel like a really fast, powerful climber compared to me. :)

Keep reminding yourself that you've done this before and you'll do it again. I know you will. And you'll do just like your coach said and set an amazing PR. Go ahead, prove me right!