Thursday, April 28, 2011

Really? REALLY!?!

As I said in my last post, I did my first PW/R on The Mall today. At first I felt stupid PW'ing, but by the end, I was pretty happy with myself. I won't say I had endorphins, I will just say I was happy with the workout.

Well, I decided to ice my knee, not because it hurts right now, but because I am trying to keep it from hurting. On the way back from the office freezer with my ice pack in hand, a coworker and I have the following conversation.

Coworker - Were you running on the mall today?
Me - Yes, just a quick jog in between rain storms.
Coworker - And now you are using an ice pack?
Me - Yeah, I've had a few issues
Coworker - Aren't you training for a marathon or something
Me - An Ironman. (I told him the distances)
Coworker - Well if you have to use an ice pack after a run, maybe you shouldn't be doing those.
Me - Um, thanks???

Really? REALLY!?!? I was just so surprised someone said that to me, I was at a loss for better words than "Um thanks". I don't see the point in this persons comments and I really don't appreciate them.

How do I become more quick witted to respond better???

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