Monday, April 25, 2011

A Day Off Put To Great Use!

And it wasn't used for sleeping! Or drinking! Or catching up with friends. Okay, that would have also been a great use of time.

Anyway, I did do par of that last one. Jess and I need to catch up, but I needed to go to the grocery store. Instead of having a drink, we walked to the store, she helped me shop, and we went our separate ways.

On my way home, I planned the order of my cooking tasks and got to work. After I put in 3 loads of laundry. Now, I have spent the past 3 hours doing laundry (2 loads of workout clothes - don't ask what that smelled like, and a load of towels) and cooking for the rest of the week.

See, that is where my personal cook and I differ. I find something that I can cook, and is eatable and I make it again and again. So that's what I did tonight. I made things I have made before. Look how good that looks! Steak and chicken kebabs with an avocado shrimp slaw. YUM! So I made it again for the week. And cut up some strawberries for a snack. I know, I know - I am so healthy :-)

Now I must go prep my (now clean) bike stuff so I can go to bed, get up at 5:45, and ride in the morning.

(Please note the sarcasms on the "Yay". I will never say "Yay" about getting up at 5:45 am)

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jaydchad said...

That does look good, even the avocado shrimp slaw. (Hope it tastes as good as if looks although I can't imagine that it could.)