Thursday, April 28, 2011

Powerband Fail!

Yes, that's right. I said it. The Power Balance Band failed me today. And you are luck that this 3 posts in a day! Well, sort of, I started it on Thursday, but it will be published on Friday...

Anyway, I met up with Sandy and off we went to do hills. During the ride, Lindsey showed up for hill repeats too. And fun was had by all!! Actually, I did much better than last time. Not faster, but my lungs didn't burn and I didn't hate myself as much as I did the last time. But the pollen was awful! Things kept flowing into my eyes, even with sunglasses... It was horrible! However, I was happy with the ride, and happier to be done.

I clipped out, chatted with Sandy, and we were ready to head back for dinner. We were on a slight incline, Sandy peddled off without a problem, I was not so lucky. I did get my left foot clipped in fast enough, my right leg floundered, and down I went - into the middle of the road. In front of a turning car.
(This photo is a reenactment. People, cars, and names have been changed to protect those involved).
I got up and out of the road and Sandy came back to make sure I was okay. Once we realized I was okay, and Blain was okay, she said "Can I laugh now" and she burst into hysterical laughter. I laughed a bit too, especially as she yelled "Power Band Fail!"

We made it back to the car in one piece and had to decide on more important details. Where to go to dinner. But first, we had to do our reenactment photo - displayed on the left. See, it was so believable that an older gentleman in a gold Camery pulled over to see if I was okay. Sandy tried to explain, through giggles, that it was just a bad joke. We quickly snapped the picture, put the bike in the car, and went to dinner.

Lesson learned, a piece of plastic will not (always) keep me from falling.

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Anonymous said...

As tragic as it could have been, I had to laugh at the picture and the expression on your face.