Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bike Clinic

So, it's actually pretty embarrassing, but I have really poor bike handling skills. I never got around to getting a proper bike lesson, or figure out the 'right' way to do things. It's not just staying up right and moving forward.

Tonight I had the opportunity to take part in a bike skills clinic with a former pro biker (who was also my physical therapist). I learned a TON. Mainly that I am still very wobbly and have lots to learn. But after some handling, close riding, and tight turn tips - we got to what I really wanted - HILLS!

I learned a bit more about gearing and how important cadence really is to efficient biking. And how I really shouldn't sit back on my saddle, but more forward. Lots of stuff to think about while I pedal hills this weekend. Thanks Sonja!!

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