Monday, June 20, 2011

Saturday, June 18th Post

Friday was an easy 40 minute run. I wanted to try something different and just run without a set 4:1 or 5:1 pace, and walk the lights. That was a stupid idea. First of all, it was a lot hotter out than I expected. I was getting too comfortable with the cool mornings and comfortable afternoon workouts. This lunch run caught be a tad off guard with the humidity and sun.

Second, per usual when I run on my own, I went out too fast. I stink at pacing when I am by myself, even after I talk to the PC who says "Go run (I didn't want to go). Don't go out too hard." I went out too hard. So I slugged back to the office and it just wasn't pretty. Lesson learned.

Saturday was 4 hour bike day on the K train (that's the name that has formed for people who follow Karen around on bikes. It's fun and the people are awesome.) After some debate, we decided to divert off the normal River Road/Poolsville routes because of a little golf tournament going on close to the area. So, we headed to Indian Head, MD and General Smallwood State Park.
Karen had a few routes with different distances and we all started on the 41 mile route. All you ask? Yup, all. (Here we are; minus Lindsey who took the picture, at an "undisclosed location along the Potomac River (see the private property sign). They all even LOOK faster than me. And don't ask me why I am standing like that. I think it was a "must suck in, don't get bulg-ie arms" thought...) And because I hate being last, I went out way to hard again. So maybe that lesson wasn't learned on the run the day before...

Anyway, it was good to push a bit more. Even if I did have a slight panic attack/break down around mile 20. It was mainly I wasn't hydrating enough. And why you ask? Well because I left my bag of water bottles/Accelerade hanging on my closet door. Yup. No water. No Accelrade. Luckily, I remembered before getting into the state park and had time to stop at a 7-11 and buy $8 worth of water and Gatorade in all different bottle sizes (I didn't know what would fit in my cages). Thankfully Lindsey had an extra bottle so that helped. I was still nervous about running out in 41 miles... So as it was good for me to push, it probably was a bit too much, especially with poor nutrition. And faster people who I felt bad for as they kept waiting for me at turns. I appreciate it and hate it at the same time...

The second loop was 23 miles and I made myself slow down. I had a significantly better ride except for 2 things.

1. I got chased by a dog. Karen and Sandy were ahead, then me, Catherine, and Lindsey. This dog came flying out of a yard in front of my bike, so I slammed on the breaks then peddled as fast as I could. He came after me again and did the same thing. Eventually he turned back and I spun off, seeing Catherine and Lindsey way back and lost sight of Karen and Sandy. Oh, and my HR spiked to 192! I really thought I was going to get my leg chewed off by this dog! SERIOUSLY!

2. I was in aero having a grand time when all of the sudden a BEE FLIES INTO MY HELMET! I am not sure how I didn't fall over (especially without my PowerBalance Band...) but I managed to fling it out and keep going until a turn where Karen was waiting. Thank goodness I have a lot of hair, as I think that is the only thing that saved me.

So I learned that animals don't like me, especially dogs in that area. I know this because I remember going out there for training last time, with Brooke and other DC tri people (turns out one of them was Karen...). When I check to see the date, it was about the same time. June 22, 2008. It's kind of fun to compare the training from last time to this time! And prove that dogs in Indian Head, MD don't like me.

Overall, I was really happy with the day. Loop 1 was too fast. Loop 2 was too slow. My average was fine. It was nice to take a break from major hills. The 15 minute run/walk after felt better than expected. And there was BBQ and ice cream on the way home.

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