Monday, June 20, 2011

Thursday, June 16th Post

Something was going on with Coach because he gave me Wednesday off too. He was pretty happy with the 'long' run, but also worried about me getting sick. All the up and down weather had me feeling a bit off. So, I got another day to sleep! WOOT! But it was up early Thursday morning for my brick of the week.

The weather didn't look so good, but I went anyway. Because I'm hard core. And I had plans that night so I really didn't have the 'choice'. Loop 1 was pretty uneventful, but I did see Karen, Erica and Katie after my turn around. Knowing Karen, I thought "I bet she tries to catch me". Sure enough, about 3 miles later, the ladies rolled up. I hung on with them until Erica and Katie peeled off and I told Karen she could just go. Instead, she hung back with me and I speed up a bit to keep up with her.

Half way through loop 3, it started to rain. Not down pour, but a nice drizzle. Of course, I wanted to stop, but I already said I had to do 3 big loops and 1 small loop. So, we started the 4th loop. Then I looked at the time, realized I was way faster than normal and had time for a full big loop. That was 4 big loops with an average about 1 mph faster than previous rides (thanks Karen!!).

I was a tad concerned of how the run would go after a faster ride, and I got to do a 5:1 (not just a 4:1 - holla!) but I felt pretty good. So I started, and had a fantastic run. It was still drizzling, there was no one around, my form felt good, and I felt great.

Realistically, I did have 2 days off and was pretty rested from the swim, but still. It was raining, Karen and I proved we are water proof, and my workout kicked butt.

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