Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Tuesday's Post

I made it a swim day. It was supposed to be a day off, but I had to flip a few things around due to my schedule. So, I got in and got to work.

One problem - the people in my lane were stupid. Here are a few examples:
  1. Gentleman in the blue knee length shorts - pull buoys are for pulling. Not seeing how hard you can kick with the pull buoy in-between your legs. Unless you were doing some weird drill - but I doubt it.
  2. Girl in the string bikini. No judgement on what you were wearing to LAP SWIM, but please don't stop in the middle of the lane and hold onto the lane line. Yes, 50 meter pools are longer than 25 yard pools.
  3. Dude in the way too tight black short speedos. Please don't stand at the end of the lane, in the middle, with your legs spread apart. When you did that, you gave me no where to flip turn, turn, or do any sort of push off the wall. Don't get mad at me when I push off your belly because there is no wall available.
  4. Other girl in the 2 piece. I should not be able to pass you on the right. If I do, that means you are in the middle of the lane and that isn't good for lap swimming.
  5. Guy in the black shorts with a red stripe. I am faster than you. Don't get mad at me when you push off the wall right as I am turning, I pass you within 15 meters, and you try to sprint to keep up. It won't work. I wasn't even working hard and I am just fast than you. Deal.
All that being said, I still managed 3000 meters.

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