Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Starting To Catch Up

So much has happened this past week! Where to start, where to start...

After I realized my saddle was so low, I was excited to see what would happen with a proper seat height. But another early morning was so hard to get moving. However, with a code orange day, and a hair cut in the evening, it was morning or never. So I went. And as I learned it was hard for me to hold 10-12 minutes comfortably hard (went out WAY too fast), but it was a good ride.

Once again, it was HOT! The Personal Cook and I went for a semi-early run. Or at least we thought running at 9 am would be early enough. NOPE. It was one of those slug through - just keep moving - I wanted to walk but the PC wouldn't let me - runs. Not fast, not slow, but held the 4:1 and finished.
And that afternoon, the best parents EVER arrived. And I don't say that because they brought me a fantastic shirt as motivation.
Cows - no.
But it is black and white. Beer. From Wisconsin. AND BIKES!
Thanks Mom and Dad!!

As I said, I have the best parents. And they are very supportive of my training. As is my brother. So when I said I had to get in a 3.5 to 4 hour ride in the morning, there were no questions asked. Just "have a good ride, let us know if there is anything we can do, call when you are done".
So, I hopped on the Karen train for my ride.
The Karen train you ask? Well, Karen is training for IMLP so had a much longer ride than me. She just rode all over town picking up people, doing loops, and we would all meet up at specific points. It was awesome. All the ladies are faster than me, so they would do a loop, I would go straight, and we would meet up for treats. As Sandy said about the waffles "training not treats!"
The ride was awesome. It was great to be able to 'ride' with the ladies and even when I was on my own, I knew someone was withing 5 miles. I really hope we can do this more often this summer.
When I eventually made it home (it took way longer than expected - just couldn't move my legs much faster) and we all headed out to the PC's lawn sports/meat wave bbq. Let me just say I had my fill of protein. YUM!

Oh, and all of this was in prep for Sunday's 'race'. Coach had asked if I wanted to back off the week's workouts so I could have a good 'race' on Sunday. I said no, because he was training me for the Ironman, not the swim. And if I could finish the swim after a 4 hour ride the day before, and the longest swim I had done being 4K - even better.

But more on that tomorrow. I am tired and need to go to bed. Yes, it's 9:30. Don't judge me.

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