Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Trying To Keep Up

Really, I am.

The good news is that not too much exciting happened this past week. Just what feels like lots and lots of training.

The rest of the weekend of the 18th included a Puppy show where my favorite dog won first prize as Most Adorable Small Dog. And a going away party for Rachna – who has been an amazing friend since we first met during my first marathon.

Sunday was fun day as Karen and I meet up to cheer on our peeps at the DC Triathlon. I have to say, it was a lot of fun watching everyone else workout hard while Karen and I ate snacks and cheered.
I had my swim stuff and I tried to come up with excuses to not swim, but there were none, and I swam. A simple 2000 meters, but it was the first since the Bay swim and felt like the first since the 4.4.

Monday was another swim day.

Tuesday was a bike day – which I cut short because it really started to rain and I wasn’t feeling that hard core. I also had my teeth cleaned. Exciting!

Wednesday was a failed run day. The Personal Cook and I went after work, on one of the most humid/hot days to date. But I knew I had to start to get used to the heat, however my body quickly rejected the forward progress I was trying to make. Luckily, the PC knew something was up, so he slowed me down, and we ended up walk half the loop. But he was motivational, positive, and kept me from jumping into the Potomac. Seriously, that’s how delusional and hot I was – I really was about to jump in.

Thursday I suffered the aftermath of Wednesday’s long run attempt. I had hot/cold flashes all night and a very unhappy stomach. I felt better in the afternoon, just in time for dinner with Diane and Mary Elizabeth.

Friday I took to the treadmill for an easy 30 minute run – I was too nervous to go outside again – not sure what my body would do. I had a great 30 minute run. It’s amazing what a controlled pace in an air conditioned room did for me!
So, the PC and I celebrated with a fantastic dinner. I am going to have to limit my new $19 lobster roll obsession…

Saturday was long ride day. Most of the K-train was off to tackle Total 200/k so that left me, Julia, Erica, and Cat. Julia and Erica peeled off early, so I talked Cat into heading to Poolesville with me. I followed this up with some extra hill loops on my own. It was a decent ride. Not fast, not slow. Just a good, steady, 5 hour ride – right where I wanted to be in terms of pace. But after looking at my total elevation gain, I need to find more hills. Yes, I just wrote that for the entire world (or 9 of you – if there are still 9 of you out there…) to see.
The PC and I celebrated again with another dinner. And started a mini golf war.

Sunday was a swim, which I did in a 25 yard pool. It really made me realize how lucky I am to have access to 50 meter pools. They are sooooo much better!
And the mini golf war with the PC continued. I tried to use the argument that if I have the most holes-in-one on the score card, I win. And I am sticking to that argument.

Monday was back on the treadmill for an easy, maintenance run in prep for today’s long run.

Today’s long run – it was made clear that running and I are not getting along. First, I managed to pick the worst hot/humid day since my last attempt on Wednesday. Even though I went in the morning, it was still bad. But Coach and I took most of Sunday/Monday off in prep to have a good long run. I just felt off. Poor form, forced breathing, and never felt natural. The best part was seeing Mary Elizabeth about 10 minutes into the run. Oh, and the second best part was having access to a bathroom 5 miles into the run. I will leave it at that.
But I did the time in. And that’s what matters.

Coach had me look up a saying last week – “Amat Victoria Curam”. One of the translations is “Victory loves preparation”. I need to keep that in mind.
Less than 12 weeks to go...

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