Monday, June 6, 2011

Updates. Updates.

It's time for some updates.

Remember my DCL weekend? Yes, let's catch up on that weekend.
It was awesome. After Saturday's ride, we had a fantastic family style dinner. Lots of relaxing, chatting, and massaging.
It pays to be the organizer of the house!!

Sunday we woke up to another beautiful day. I mean really, this was the view from outside our window. We all did our own things and during my 90 minute ride, I saw Lindsey, Jenny and Chris, Ryan and Adam, Sandy and Ty, Karen, Sheriece and Doug, and Julia and Steve. Again, even though I was on my own it's so nice that there were so many people close. I had a pretty good 90 minute ride and headed out for a 30 minute "run". It was more of a power walk, but felt good to move after the bike.

The rest of the afternoon was filled with a 2 day dream of Steve's. A rope swing.

And Monday, before we headed back to reality, I did a nice 60 minute run. I won't say much else about the run. It was an absolutely beautiful morning. Quiet and peaceful around the lake. And actually made me thankful I was up and running so early - as it was also one of those mornings where you know it's going to be really REALLY hot. And it was on the drive home. In Steve's non-air conditioned car...
I am so glad I decided to go. It was a lot of fun having 2 house of DC Tri people up there. But of course, ours was better ;-) Thanks for another fantastic SWC vacation!!

The rest of last week was spent 2 ways:
1. Recovering from the DCL hills (resting and not working out)
2. Actually doing my job (the real reason I was resting and not working out and not blogging)

I managed a few runs - on the treadmill do to the 100+ heat index. Made it to the pool for a very exciting Friday night. But that was about it.

Saturday was a 4 hour ride with my new riding partner Hillary. She is training for IM Louisville and we are both in the same boat. Riding 4+ hours and average around +/-15 mph on hills while most of our friends are much MUCH faster. So we decided to ride together and it was GREAT! Hans and Casey joined us too and we just had the best time. It was an amazingly beautiful day - one of the best we will have this summer. 4 hours and 20 minutes later, 66 miles - longest of the season. Woot!

And how did I celebrate? The Personal Cook took me out to dinner to celebrate 3 solid weeks of training (Columbia, DCL, and 4+ hour ride!!) and I took a break from the diet. SOOO worth it. What is it? A cheeseburger sub, fries, and pitcher of beer. Yum.
I promptly fell asleep about 30 minutes later. After I had some ice cream.

But no worries, I still made it out for my 60 minute run on Sunday. The PC did a good job keeping me to a solid 4:1 (run 4 minutes walk 1 minute) and it wasn't fast, but I was very consistent. This was followed by a 3 hour nap :-)

So, that is my update. I am very happy with my training. Still feel like I should be doing more, wish I could be magically faster, hope the pounds will melt away on their own - but I am not focusing on those aspects. I am focusing on making my workout counts, the pace I do go, and eating properly (most of the time ;-)

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