Saturday, May 28, 2011

Much Better

48.86 miles. Elevation gain - 4,589 :-) To put that in some perspective, one site said Ironman Wisconsin elevation gain is 7,162.

The ride went pretty well. My goal was to just go, and do the best I could. Sure, I wanted to make it up the hills, especially the one I fell over on and the one where I had my breakdown. But if I didn't make it up them, I would be okay.

As you know by now, I tend to do what people tell me. Especially Karen. It worked last weekend at Columbia and it worked today. She rode with me, which was great. Karen's training for Ironman Lake Placid and can easily leave me in her dust. And she did. But she also waited at each turn, and the top of every hill. So when she said I would make it up the hills, and I said I would do my best I could - she was right. And I made it up each one. In fact, when I made it to the top of the one where "I made the I made a pathetic "OOhhhmmmmuuuuuhhhhhwww" sound as I fell onto the gravely side of the road" Karen was at the top, pumping her arms, yelling APPROVED. I am glad she was there.

The rest of the ride had a few scary downhills and some slow long climbs. But I got through each of them and that made me very happy. It was slow. I mean really slow. I mean so slow that I would not make the cut off for Ironman Wisconsin. But, my average HR was right where it should have been and I did not really 'push' any of the hills. Just got up them.

Oh, and Karen and I forgot we had tickets to the gun show. So of course we stopped.When we got back, Julia and I went for a quick 10 minute walk just to stretch out. Karen went for a 45 minute run.

After a quick cool off in the lake (just my legs) I got to work on why I get invited to the house. Now it's time for a nap and see if I can get someone to go to the beach for an open water swim...

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