Friday, May 20, 2011


And I am not just talking about my emotions!

See, as you know, I have been a bit up and down lately. I am trying my best to remember that it is okay to be down, but this is supposed to be fun. And trust me, a lot of the time it is, but it's also easier for me to complain than to brag.

Anyway, my amazing parents are 2 of my 10 readers, so even if I don't call as often as I should (sorry!) they have a pretty good idea of what's going on in my life. Also, being their favorite daughter for 32 years, they know me pretty well.

So to my delight, when a package arrived with the return address G-dale, I was excited. New pajamas, complete with matching socks, which say "I'm Moooody in the Morning". How cute! It put the smile on my face that was needed. Oh, and the strawberry Mentos. I was sent three rolls... but one seemed to disappear before the picture was taken...

Mom and Dad, thank you.

To everyone else who sent emails, called, or stopped by to talk, thanks. I really am okay. I do find this fun (most of the time), I am fine with my hair in a perma-ponytail (most of the time), and I am still so happy and lucky I am going on this journey a second time.

Ironman isn't just a 17 hour day. It's a multi-month long adventure. It has ups and downs. Good times and bad. And lots of swimming, biking, and running.

Oh, and if you are wondering, the rest of this week's workouts were okay. I did make it to the pool on Tuesday, followed by a ride on the trainer (which was nice to catch up on some DVR!).
Wednesday was a PW/R on the mall at lunch. I refreshed the weather radar and was out the door the moment it cleared up (as I had a 2 o'clock meeting). I went out too fast, but made it the full 20 minute run at the end.
Yesterday was a day off. I had ice cream instead of cleaning my apartment. Diet fail, but I am okay with my choice.
And this morning I biked. Legs are still tired, even when riding pancake flat Hains Point, so I am not very confident about Sunday, but that's okay. It will hopefully be a beautiful day. My friends will be there. And I will cross a finish line.

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