Thursday, May 5, 2011

White Caps! WHITE CAPS!!

After Coach sent me this week's schedule, I thought about not taking Tuesday off and riding in the morning. I set my alarm, woke up, went back to sleep. The second alarm went off, I turned it off, and went back to sleep. My legs were tired, so I slept and took the day off.

Yesterday I convinced my Personal Cook to power walk/run with me at lunch. He had the watch and I think it is actually good for me. Instead of thinking "Last week I was at the Art Museum 90 seconds faster - I am too slow, I better speed up" and then die at the end of my 20 minutes running; all I could think about was form. Faster cadence, mountain pose, lean forward from the hips, waiter arms. It was a really nice day too - after it stopped raining, so I was happy with the PW/R.

Because I had a board meeting last night, I couldn't do my ride, but figured a morning HP ride wouldn't be so bad. It wasn't supposed to rain and I convinced Mary Elizabeth to join me for my easy 75 minute ride.

Remember the title of this post? White Caps! WHITE CAPS!! Yes, that 75 minute 'easy ride' turned into 80 minutes of flying down one side of Hains Point, and just trying to make it through on the other side. Seriously, if we would have stopped pedaling, we would have been blown backwards. It was BANANAS! And there really were white caps on the Potomac!

Plus, it was below 50 degrees this morning. Did someone forget to tell Ms. Mother Nature that it is May 5th?!?! I had to dig out my toe covers for my shoes, running tights to go over my shorts, full fingered gloves, AND my super cute bike jacket (okay, that wasn't so bad because I love the jacket. It's warm, comfy, and I wear it even when I'm not biking (after the snot has been washed off of the sleeves)).

So, between the cold and the wind, it definitely wasn't an easy ride. But it was a good ride and I was happy to have the company. And hopefully she didn't mind doing the extra small loop...

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anonymous said...

That sounds like a crazy ride!! Mother Nature needs to make up her mind and get summer here already! Haha