Monday, May 2, 2011

And This Is Why I Pay Coach

I am pretty open with my coach. Even to the point of rambling. I know you 9 readers, the idea of me rambling may be a bit of a shock...

Anyway, I was pretty upfront about how tired I have been this past week and how frustrated I was with lack of progress with my biking. Oh, and how my swim still sucks. And, how well the run with my personal cook went when he had the watch.

Turns out, Coach thinks last week was a good week, with good hills, and how I will feel the effects by being stronger and more confident soon. So for this week, on all my bikes and runs, I am to only use time. No Garmin. No bike computer. No data. AND for the runs, he said "Can you do what you did for the last one? A good personal cook would be happy to. lol. How about that, me placing a guilt trip on your personal cook and i don't even know him. My apologies to the lucky man. :) I just liked what it did for you mentally. Again, we don't need to know how far or how fast you are going on this." Okay, some of that was changed by me, but you can all figure out what the meaning is behind the message. Stupid having to work on my patience. I HATE asking for help. I HATE not being able to know exactly how far/fast I go and compare it to other weeks.

I think those things will be harder than the week of workouts. Stupid Coach I pay who actually knows what he is doing...
(Note sarcasm! I really do trust him and will do what he says, but I don't have to like it! :)

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