Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Update - Again

I was hoping for a light week leading up to my first race on Sunday. Instead, Coach decided to "go hard these next 8 days then take an easy cycle leading into that 1st race". Huh? That was sent on Wednesday, when I thought I had the day off. So needless to say, my day off became a trainer ride to do my sprint work.

Thursday was supposed to be a brick, 60 minutes of biking, 40 minutes PW/R. When I finished the bike, I felt just off, specifically my back and knee, so I pushed off the PW/R until lunch. And for the first time, I had to walk on the second run because I just couldn't "go".

Friday, my Personal Cook joined me for the PW/R, and that went much better. But I was so beat, I missed my swim. My rockn' Friday night included taking Mr. Shorty Shorts out for his bday and leaving early so I could go to sleep.

Saturday was my long ride, "2.5 to 3 hours if you feel good" turned into not even 2.5 because I just couldn't get my legs to go. At one point I even stopped to check and see if my back brake was on the wheel (it wasn't). But I did manage to get in the 5 minute run after, and that actually felt okay. Yay good 5 minute run! (I am taking the positive where I can!).

Sunday was to be my long run, but the weather didn't look good, and the couch was way more comfortable. I just couldn't get myself to go.

Instead, yesterday, I had my PC join me (on his birthday), over lunch, when it was 75 degrees out (but felt like 100 because of the 95% humidity and NO breeze) for my PW/R. It was to be 10/20/5/20, "if you feel good, add 5 minutes to either of the runs, preferably the 2nd one". I couldn't even make the second 20 minutes. Again, I just couldn't get my legs to go.

And again, this morning, my bed won over the pool. I am supposed to swim and do a hill workout and I can hardly get out of my chair at work to fill up my water bottle. I look like I haven't slept in weeks. My hair is in a permanent ponytail. But I am doing my best to stay positive - which is getting very difficult.

I have used my Garmin the past few workouts so I know how slow the rides have been. How I thought I went a certain distance on yesterday's PW/R but was WAY off and MUCH slower than I have been. It would all be one thing if I felt good, but I don't.

Realistically, I know I am going to have bad workouts. And I do have a choice about how I react to those not great workouts. But I have hit the point today where staying positive isn't working.

But tonight I will swim.
And I will bike on the trainer (as it's supposed to thunderstorm so I don't even want to bother finding a hill to repeat for 2 minutes 8 times).
Because I still chose to train. I will continue to do the best I can for the workouts I am given.

Because I am lucky. I know what the end feels like. And it's a feeling that is worth every painful (physical and emotional) moment. And that is how I stay positive.

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