Thursday, July 14, 2011

And Went Tonight

For workout #2 - a swim.

It was supposed to be 500, 3x5x50, 800. Well, I hate 50's, especially since I swim in a 50 meter pool. So, I did some bad math and after the 500, I started with 3x6x100 - and thought that was would be just a bit over what was on the schedule. If you just did the math, you know I was WAY off. I realized this after the first 4 100's and adjusted as needed.

Overall, I felt really good in the water. Good body position, strong pulls, nice body roll. The last 800 felt awesome - until the cramps started. Right pinkie toe went first, so I over compensated with my left foot and got a cramp in the arch of that foot.
But did I stop? Of course not! I am sure the women behind me thought I was doing some sort of weird kicking drill, but whatever. I finished and felt really good.

Tomorrow morning, hill repeats...

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