Friday, July 1, 2011

Day Off!


This week wasn't the hardest of weeks, but more of a maintenance week. Not a rest week, just maintenance, mainly to focus on the long run and recover/rest for the 5 hour bike rides. So, with it being JULY FIRST, this has put me in "I'm NOT doing ENOUGH" mood. But the Personal Cook, Mr. Shorty Shorts, and Jess have all reminded me that I am doing what Coach says, I shouldn't do extra workouts that are not assigned, and I will be fine.

Then, after a very long email to Coach about this past week, which ended with "Am I over thinking mode? I can't tell. Okay, I will stop typing now." he had the following to say:

OK, first things first. You had a lot of really good workouts Amanda. I was so excited to see your ride at 15.2 mph. Your race in 2008 was at 14.69! Your long run was also impressive with it be so hot and you still averaged 13.34 per mile! Are you kidding me?
And ended the email with - "Great job this week Amanda. Seriously, you're amazing! Coach".

So, that helped. A little.

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