Monday, July 18, 2011

Great Weekend, BUT Today Was A Monday...

It was pretty nice to have the weekend off of a long ride. It does make me a tad nervous, but as Coach reminded me "One workout, done or not done, does not make an Ironman". Fair enough.

Saturday was my long run and it was by far my best long run to date. The Personal Cook planned out a route, including a water stop at the hour mark. And only once was I not paying attention that I missed the fact he turned and I went straight. That's progress :-) But it felt good, my body position felt good, my cadence felt good. I was very happy. Of course I would have wanted those 2 hours to be at the same pace as my 30-45 minute runs, but I am realistic. Or at least trying to be more realistic.

Sunday was only a 90 minute ride. To do something different, the PC drove my car to his place and I biked there. It worked out pretty well, except I was going into the head wind and with a point to point, you never get the wind at your back. But I felt super rested and even though it was in the middle of the day, and hot, I didn't feel drained. I had more than enough energy to cheer during the nail bitter of a soccer game.

And now it's Monday. I was supposed to be at a show tonight, but it was cancelled. Silly lead singer who can't talk! Whatever!
My new running shoes don't fit AT ALL. So much for the same style but new model. I hate that! Now I need to scramble in the next 2 months to find the right pair.
And as I was about to walk out the door from work at 5:45 to go to the pool when I got called into a meeting. Which went to 6:30. To be continued at 8 in the morning. With a follow up conference call at 9. My job as been more than accommodating during my training so I really can't complain.
But I am complaining anyway. I decided to flip my swim from tonight to bike on the trainer and hop on the treadmill for my brick. Hopefully I can make it to the pool after my foot doctor appointment tomorrow. I hate change especially when I have a plan. But I should still find time to fit everything in the evenings. So much for being a morning person!

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