Monday, May 10, 2010

Another Foot Dr. Visit

Today was a follow up for my inserts. So far, so good. A few more tweaks are needed, but I feel we are on the right track. No surgery, no cortisone. Just good old fashion doctering.

But here is my number one major concern. Not my back. Not my shoulders. Not even my right food. But, back to the good ol' knees. My right one specifically. I was doing laundry yesterday and I stood up after (over) loading the front load washer and felt this horrible pain on the lower inside part of my knee. NNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I hobbled back to my apartment and went right for the ice pack. It's a smidge better, but going up stairs isn't good. Not sure how long I wait to call another doctor. (and this cartoon made me laugh really, really hard.)

But I did go to swim practice tonight. The Club set up a group to come in, video your swim, and it will be analyzed by NCAA coaches and e-mailed to you with tips and drills. YAY! I haven't had my swim looked at in YEARS!

Oh, and friends, PLEASE stop hurting your selves on your bikes. PLEASE! There were at least two more accidents/mishaps that I know of. Not good people, just not good. Please take it easy.

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