Saturday, May 22, 2010


Today seemed to have a lot of two's on our ride...

It's a 2 hour drive to Cambridge, Md. There were 2 cars with 2 people each that were a tad late. So, we clipped in at 8:22 (instead of 8). Around mile 2, I rode up to Tammy and informed her that I should have going to the bathroom one more time before we headed out... Luckily, it wasn't number 2, so I just kept going (Note - sorry if that was too much information, however you can see I am going with a theme).

The ride was going really well, and for the first time, without a lot of wind. But, I was afraid to say anything - not knowing when the wind was going to hit. The other problem with no wind, I was going out way too hard. There was no need for me to be biking 20 mph within the first hour, of a 4+ hour ride, so I dropped back. As much as I love riding with people, I really love riding on my own. It's even better when you know you have 17 people around.

As I was riding, I passed Julie and Ed, with a flat. They seemed okay, so I kept going. Around mile 20 - I couldn't hold it any more, stopped, and ran into the bushes. And the bushes cut up my legs!! About 12 miles later, I came across the boys, with another flat. Yes, that was 2 flats!!

I made it to the rest stop as Karen, Julia, and Tammy were on their way out and I had to go to the bathroom, AGAIN! That was 2 bathroom stops! I usually NEVER have to go. Anyway, I finished up my 56 miles feeling really good. Almost 2 good... So, I headed back out for round 2. I wasn't going to do a full 2nd loop, but wanted to get in 70 miles. Foolishly, I went out with Karen and Tuan. Karen is just 2 fast for me now, it's impressive.

But, overall, 71 miles. Not a lot of wind. Awesome people.
Not bad, not bad. And see how many 2's!!

This was of course celebrated by my 2nd trip to Sonic.

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