Thursday, May 13, 2010

Why Didn't He Just Fly Away???

I tried to come up with every excuse this morning so I didn't have to crawl out of bed and go biking. I just wanted to sleep. But no. I told Brooke that I would go biking. And after it wasn't raining, and the ground wasn't wet, so I got ready and headed out. I got on Rock Creek Parkway, headed to Hains Point - and smack... A bird was trying to fly away - but he didn't fly fast enough and hit the top of my windshield. Oh, it was so loud. I felt horrible! I knew there was nothing I could do, 3 cars behind me, so I kept driving. Poor bird...

So I made it to the parking lot, meet up with Brooke, Mary Elizabeth, and a few other DC Tri people - and of course shared my sad bird story. Of course, no sympathy, just mockery.

But the ride was good. As hard as it is to get up and moving, it's always worth it (well, not for the bird but...)

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