Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm Like an Elephant?

Really, that's what AJ said!

Here's the story. AJ and I met up for a swim and dinner tonight. Yes, we have rockn' Friday nights! Anyway, we were both pretty beat up after our 3K swim with fins from Wednesday, but decided to swim anyway. It was a good workout, even thought AJ is staying on my feet... I liked being faster than someone who qualified for World Championships.

Anyway, AJ also has a degree in physical therapy. So after helping her with her swimming, and making her the same speed as I am, at dinner I put her to work with my new body issues. After my bike fit a few weeks ago, I learned that it's not my hamstrings, hip flexors, or even my IT bands that were tight, but the soleus. They are the reason I can't do squats and have to lean over really far when standing up. So I asked AJ for some stretching tips. As we walked to our cars, she was fascinated by how my foot isn't at a 90 degree angel with my shin.

We figured out a few stretches and AJ said she would do some research. She also came to the (probably correct conclusion) that this could be why I don't like running!! I had not put these two together, but it makes total sense.
This was followed up with something like "you know it's like an elephant. How they don't run because they don't have ankles".
Me - "Did you just compare me to an elephant?"
AJ - "No, not like that!"
Me - laughing hysterically. AJ kept talking, and it was the epitome of sticking your foot in mouth, further and further. I understood her point - but it was pretty funny.

Tomorrow - another Eagleman ride. I am really hoping the isolated thunderstorms stay away and the wind gusts don't start until after the ride. Doubtful - but I'm am hoping!

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Anonymous said...

Looking at today's weather it doesn't look good for no wind but it's better than here. Cold and damp.