Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Participation For All Elves

If you read my blog regularly, or ever for that matter, than you know that I stink at grammar (and I don't know if that should have been then or than...). I don't care. I tried to care in high school, took extra grammar classes, even 'borrowed' the text book to take to college (which I still have). For important stuff, I always have 1-2 people proof read my documents, important e-mails, papers, etc. For my blog - nah, it adds character. You have to read what I mean, not necessarily what I type. This is very important when when I flip words closest/closet; know/now; etc. I often don't pay attention to spell check and let it put in what Microsoft word thinks is best.

Well, this little weakness of mine is kind of funny as I am the DC Tri club Secretary (and volunteer coordinator). Even though I stink at grammar and spelling, I can take some pretty good minutes. This is coming in handy because we have a situation going on in the club where minutes are necessary. Before we send them to the 1,000+ members, I insisted that the other board members CAREFULLY read through my minutes.

In one section of the minutes I wrote about participation for all levels. One board member has a good eye and sent me an e-mail: "item #3 on Priorities says "elves" instead of "levels".
Me. "Thanks. You are the only one who noticed".
Him. "Well I think we should encourage participation from all elves. Heck, even one elf would be cool."

I about died laughing. Never has a word flip fit so well.

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