Saturday, May 8, 2010

I Can't Kick My Own A$$

That was a quote from Sandy around mile 40 at our rest stop. It pretty much summed up the day.

Today's ride
I got to the starting point, going through my routine, including pumping up my tires. Well, the pin on my front tube broke off. Karen and Lindsey said don't change it (as we all try to avoid changing tubes) but Mimi and Sandy said change it. Well, I only had 1 tube - but Sandy had 2, so I borrowed one and started changing the tube. And you know what - success! And pretty quick. Almost too quick... But YAY!

Then the ride started and I felt a poke in my left leg. Within 3 miles, I had a hole in my shorts. Not.Cool. My bike fit pushed me back about 2 inches and my saddle bag must have been a bit off so the velcro was rubbing into my shorts. And the worst part - biking shorts are expensive! And I had about 50+ miles left.

Then, the wind hit. Now, I knew this was going to happen - especially because there was a wind advisory, but for some reason, it was worse than I expected. And earlier in the than the last time.

Then, the sun came out. And it was hot and windy. That sucked up a lot of energy, which is not a good thing. I just kept counting down til the 40 mile rest stop. When I got there, I was so excited to see a drinking fountain. I was eating my Combos (the new super food), chatting with Karen, stretching and I heard "But see, I can't kick my own a$$!" There was Sandy, showing Mimi, how she can't kick her own a$$. That just struck me as very funny - and I knew it would be the appropriate title of this post.

16 more windy, painful, trying to beat the rain - and I made it back. Karen and Lindsey were waiting - deciding between more biking and a run. Well, I wanted to go 5 more miles, so my odometer said 6#. Well, 5 miles turned into
Karen "Let's just go to the barriers". Me. "Ok"
Lindsey "Let's just go to the other barriers". Me. "Okay, but then we turn around".
Karen "Let's just go to the highway". Me. "Okay, but then we REALLY turn around."
Back to the street and Lindsey points left (the long way back to the car). Me "RIGHT". Karen "no, left, it's prettier". Me "fine. Wait, I am really easy to convince, aren't I?" Karen "Yes" and she peddled away...

The best part of the 64 mile ride - my first trip to Sonic.
Best quotes of the lunch - Sandy "if you ____________, you burn more calories, right?" (Editors note - I typed out what she said, but just couldn't leave it knowing my parents and their friends read this).
And out of no where, Lindsey "I get really tried from eating rice crispy treats". That one makes me laugh typing it out.

Anyway, it was another great ride with awesome ladies, tons of laughs and over 3000 calories burned (hence the tots at Sonic :-).

I can't kick my own a$$, but the sun, wind, and Karen can - and it's awesome.

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