Friday, September 19, 2008

Another Great Thing About Having a Blog

A lot of the people I go to events with read my blog. So if I am participating, watching or volunteering, they have learned what I like and don't like.
Why is the great - the cow bell. Almost all of you should know by now I really don't like the cow bell. Yes, I am from Wisconsin and I think cartoon cows are cute (especially when they are on finisher t-shirts and medals). However, I can not stand the cow bell at races. I can't explain it, I just don't like them.

So, at Ironman, on one of my signs there was a drawing of a cow bell that they were shaking.
Volunteering at Nation's tri last week, we voted to return the cowbells as they were not needed (wanted) for our water stop.
Now, I am planning on watching the Capital Criterium on Sunday with Nicole and Tony. E-mailing to set up plans, Nicole writes "I was going to bring my cowbells, but will refrain. :)". A bit of water came out my nose when I read that. Too funny.

I am so grateful that people read my blog, and take my dislike for cow bells as seriously as I do. Thanks everyone!!

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Janel B said...

Yes! Less cowbell! More cowbell in SNL skits ONLY.

I think a dislike for cowbell is universal from competitors. Almost everyone I knew when I rowed hated them, too.