Saturday, September 20, 2008

Well.. We Rode...

One of the things I was excited about being done with training for IM Moo was not getting up early for workouts.

It's Saturday and what do I do - get up at 6:15 to go meet M.E. and Diane for a bike ride. I decided to take Carlos back out and give him some love. Last night I lubed the chain and make sure everything was running smoothly. So to my unpleasant surprise when I was heading to the car this morning, my back wheel fell off. No idea how that happened but I think it was Carlos's way of rebelling. But, I got it figured out and was a tad bit late meeting the ladies.

And I knew they couldn't start because Diane needed my pump. After I handed the pump off, I accidentally knocked Carlos over. Oh, and it was cold!! Maybe 55 degrees!!! It's still September - that is cold for DC. Basically, it was not starting off as a great morning.

But we were on our way and had a good lap and a half in. There were a lot of stupid drivers around the softball fields, so that wasn't fun. Then we hear a pop, hissssss. Diane's front tire popped.

So, the 3 of us get off and start to change the tire. Now I think I did a pretty good job taking out the old tube, replacing the new tube and getting the tire back on. What I am slightly ashamed to say is that we couldn't figure out the CO2 cartridges. M.E. had one, it didn't work. I had 2, couldn't get either one to work. During all of this, M.E. and I were 'fighting' about which one was colder (mine was) and only 1 person asked to help. Our guess was that since there were 3 of us, we should know how to change a tire... Another reason why assumptions are bad.

I biked back to the cars and drove Marcus over with the bike pump. Diane learned a few good lessons about presta valves and to not stand up quickly when you are right by the pump. So, it was a good learning day for bikes.

And of course instead of continuing on biking (or running like M.E. needed to do) we went to brunch. 12 miles - totally wroth brunch.

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