Monday, September 29, 2008

I Am SOOO Glad I Didn't Swim!!

To quote race report from someone who did the swim on Saturday
"The swim was one to remember. Right at the start, a downpour began. At the turnaround, heavy chop. A bunch got seasick. Jellyfish stings abounded. Sarah Thorpe lessons and Hains and Eastern Market team swims paid off as I swam decently under conditions that resembled the "Titanic." "

I am not sure about the Sarah Thorpe lessons and team swims references - but I have been stung by jellyfish on open water swims - NOT FUN!! I really enjoy the confirmation of a good decision.

Tomorrow I am actually (hopefully) getting up early to bike. After I took Squeaky - aka the bike formally known as Carlos, for a ride Sunday, I realized I need to get the brakes checked. Now, they worked, I would stop - but everyone in a 5 mile radius knew I was stopping. So, I have one more event I am participating (not racing, participating) on Saturday and figure I should test out the brakes - nothing new on race day, especially brakes.

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