Sunday, September 14, 2008

My First Weekend After Ironman...

What happens the first weekend I don't have to swim, bike or run???

Well, yesterday I swam.

Today I got up at 6 to go volunteer at a triathlon.
But, it was Nations Triathlon and I volunteered at a water stop with the DC Tri club. It was a lot of fun and some people really enjoyed dressing up. And it was in the 90's and humid. AND she kept the hat and beard the whole time. Nice Brooke!

I had a really good time. I was able to cheer for so many people, hand out Gu (tri berry), see Mayor Fenty, Ryan and Janel.

After, a few of us headed to the after party. Unfortunately, the waitress didn't feel like taking our order. So, M.E. and I headed somewhere else. I had SO MUCH FUN!! She probably got a bit sick of me because I kept saying how this is the first time I really have been able to go out and not worry about how it will effect my swim/bike/run. K showed up and as nice as he is, we disagreed on the Brett/Packer/Jets issue, but whatever. We got over it and shared some wings.

And why wings - because I can eat them again! Oh yeah!!!


Kat~ said...

Congrat- Ironman!! I think it was you I passed over in the park when I said your friend is no longer dancing down the path. Told her she had way to much energy. It looks like her from the photo? If it was you bummer I didnt know till now! What a great group of friends! Went Sat. morning for the 2009 IM, no line! Have till the 21 to figure it out. Had such a blast I want to go back.
Congrats- again You are a IRONMAN!

No longer IM Moo Wannabe said...

OH MY GOSH!?!? THAT WAS YOU!?! Yes, that was me and my friends who happened to be on a walk at the same time :-)

Too funny.

Good luck in 09!