Sunday, September 28, 2008

Good Weekend with Good Choices

Saturday I slept until 8:20. I realized that if I did get up, drive, and do the swim, I would have just finished. The sleep was WAY better!

I met up with Kristin and Lauren for the Book Fair and heard some really good authors. This was followed up with a visit to Jim Henson's Fantastic World. No real workouts, but a lot of walking and standing. AND sweating!! It was disgustingly hot/humid out. I sweated through my shirt so fast. High of 72 - HA!

Today I woke up early to go biking. It was wet, but not really raining, so Diane and I packed up the bikes and headed out. Just then, it started raining. It turned out to be the two of us so we stopped at Starbucks for breakfast first.

Eventually, we headed out, still in the rain, and started our ride. After about 10 miles it stopped and started to get humid and gross again. But, overall, it was a really good 28-ish miles. Not a bad first 'real' ride back on the saddle.

We celebrated with brunch :-)

AND - Woo-Hoo Brewers!! Thanks to their win and the Mets loss, we are in the playoffs!

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