Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ahhh... Karma

Sometimes karma is a b*tch, other times it is great. Today, it was great.

This morning I volunteered with KEEN, an organization that does activities with children who have mental and physical disabilities. They do music, sports, and this morning was swimming - which is what I did. I was paired up with 2 different children for about an hour each. It was so great. My first boy was an 11 year old, Luke. That kid could swim! He took off doing a lap of freestyle and turned around to do a lap of backstroke. I think we did about a 150, maybe even a 200 (6-8 lengths of a 25 yard pool). I was really impressed.
My second session was with Jack, a 6 year old nonverbal boy who I had to hold the entire time. He liked to be on his back, kick, and splash around (and a bit squirmy) so we did went back and forth and I think he had a good time. I was able to talk to his mom after who said she could see the smile on his face the entire time (which I couldn't see because of the way I was holding him). I really enjoyed my self and it was nice to do something for others. I am hoping to become a more permanent volunteer with the organization.

So, I called home to brag to my parents and Arin called. When I checked my voice mail, he said there were Wii's at the Best Buy! Now this past year, ever time I didn't go out to the bar, or did and only had one beer and not 4, I would put the money in a piggy bank - this was Mom's idea. She said at the end of the training, buy your self something non-Ironman, as a treat. My treat - a Wii! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find one. So, I was super excited when Arin called, I rushed to Best Buy and I now have my Wii!! Once Arin set it all up, we were ready to play Mario Kart, but one of the controllers didn't work :-( So, it's set up, 1 controller works, I just need to exchange the other one.

But, overall, I think today was about Karma. I finally did something for someone else - after a very selfish year, and I received a very pleasant surprise. And a Wii. Woo-Hoo!!!

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Janel B said...

I hear Wiis can be addicting!