Monday, November 10, 2008

Another Weekend, Another Hike, a first...

This was another pretty good weekend. My volunteering event was cancelled on Saturday morning which lead to a lazy morning and brunch. This was followed by errands and a night of Wii. And Wii cow racing - totally cardio!!

Sunday was great because I finally got to use my new toy (yes, another one - no judgement). I am one of those few people who actually uses her espresso machine. Something I used to do almost every weekend and multiple times a week - except I just didn't have much time this past year. It is wonderful!!

Anyway, my wonderful latte kick started off my day to another hike - back to the Billy Goat Trail. My plan was to go on my own, but my friend Adam wanted to give it a try so we headed out early afternoon. Now just as I finish saying how difficult this trail actually is, we see this. I mean really, the gold purse is one thing, but the shoes!?!?! Wow.

So we start, do a few side trips off the trail to get to the water and some extra rock scrambling. We are getting close to the end and I don't know what happened but I missed a 'jump', slipped, fell on my right side, had momentum that sort of flipped my legs over my head, rolled down a few rocks, and finally stopped before going much further down the side of the 'cliffs'. I stabled myself, got up (with the help of Adam and some other guy who was right behind me) and kept going - just a bit slower. A bit on the scary side, but all is okay and I knew I was very lucky it wasn't worse. And I don't think I will be hiking on my own any time soon - even though it is so pretty!!

Today I am extremely sore down my entire right side. My ankle, knee, hip, elbow, wrist and shoulder are all scrapped up/scabby/swollen and soon to be very black and blue. Not sure how this will affect my belly dancing tonight - that might not be a good idea :-(

Oh, and how do yo get blood out of a white dry fit???


Anonymous said...

Maybe you and your brother had better stick to easy things like triathlons.

Janel B said...

You forgot to mention the gold grommeted belt, too! ;-)

As for blood vs. dry-fit, I think there may have been a posting on this in one of the DCTri forums a couple months ago. I don't remember what the recommendations were, and I can't say there was an exact solution, either.