Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekend Update

Well, I was plagued with a cold - just like much of DC. It's that time of year where allergies go nuts, the temperature goes from 65 to 45 in 12 hours (then back up 12 hours later), and wind/rain can happen at any moment. But, I still managed to get some stuff done.

Saturday morning I made it to volunteer with KEEN again. My first athlete was a 16 year old boy, Charlie. He wasn't much of a swimmer, but we had did some kicking with a kick board, floating on some noodles, and he knew more about 1960's music than anyone I have ever met. By the end I had him almost to the deep end and close to putting his whole head under water. Not bad for my first time with him.
My second athlete was a bit more - shall we say, challenging. It took 3 of us... Quinn is 6, non-verbal, and very VERY squirmy. He liked to dunk his head in the water, but then looked surprised every time we pulled him up. With all my swim teaching history, it took about 15 minutes to figure out how to hold him best in the water - and this was after one solid elbow to my face - which caused a fat lip. But, it was all worth it when he stop squirming, started to kick (properly), moved his arms in a breaststroke way, all with a HUGE smile. The fat lip was wroth it.

After this was done, I headed to the PA border to visit some friends and their 2 kids. Both were sick, but we had plenty of time to play, i.e. pick them up. It was a really great time but dang - between Quinn and the 2 kids, my arms are SORE. That was a workout all on it's own.

Today, with my growing gut of food and drink (and little to no working out), I dragged my self out for a run. It was cold (45 degrees), windy, and still feeling a bit like poo - I went out. Only for 45 minutes, but it felt good to get out.
And with the cold and a runny nose - you know what that means, good snot rocket practice!!
I do much better running than on the bike.

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