Wednesday, November 5, 2008

That Was Harder Than it Should Have Been!

I'm a flippin' IRONMAN! Less than 2 months ago Blain and I rode 112 miles. In 7 hours 37 minutes and 28 seconds (14.69 mph thank you very much!).

So what was so hard you are asking???

The stationary bike. Yes, I am very ashamed to talk about this, but it's true. My new workout schedule has been 30+ minutes of cardio on Monday/Wednesday, weights classes on Tuesday/Thursday, Pilates on Friday, something fun (HIKING) on the weekends.

Monday I ran
Yesterday I took weights class
Today - that 30 minutes on the bike that KILLED ME! I was on the 'random' setting and it hit levels that just HURT! I started laughing to my self how just a few short weeks ago I was hauling my butt up those dang hills in Verona and now I can't even sit and do this. Blah!!! EMBARRASSING!!!

So, I guess that means I should start biking again to keep any fitness level I have left. This realization did not leave me in a good mood. I wanted to comfort my self with a cookie - but given my (lack of) fitness, I had an apple.

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