Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Another week has started and not too much has happened.

Yesterday I had lunch with Roxanne - who was the first person I watched complete an IM. She has started her own company and her time is limited, so it was good to catch up. To my 5 readers - if anyone needs an event planner - she is the best. (And no, she did not ask me to post this).

I picked lunch over a workout (but I did have a salad) because I knew I had belly dancing. Jess was out, I am still a bit sick, but I went anyway. I think I hurt my shoulder a bit more than I thought with the fall. We have to do shoulder rolls - there was a lot of crunching. I don't think your shoulder is supposed to crunch. But, it is was a good 60 minutes.

Today I took a weights class. I was a little overzealous with my choices in free weights and will be feeling it tomorrow. All in the good way - except for the crunchy shoulder...

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