Monday, July 13, 2009

2100 yds...

That's a good sign. I really think things are getting better - but I am still a bit nervous. I mean I should be able to easily do 3000+ yds in fhe pool. Tonight I was getting a bit tight after 1500 or so, but I wanted to do 2000, and I did. Yay. But I also didn't push to keep going with the rest of my lane. And my lane was fun - all the cool kids were back! Well, not all, but it was a good group. So double YAY for not continuing when I knew it was best to stop.

Look at me, growing as a person in charge of my own health.

And I went to dinner with Karen after and am slowly talking her into IM Fla for 2010. He he he. Yes, I know I need to make sure I will be able to do IM Fla, but I am off to another doctor tomorrow for hopefully a few more answers. That will make a total of 2 PT's (and consulting a lot of my friend PT's), 1 acupuncturist, 2 massage therapists, my 3rd doctor - all in 1 month.

Something/someone should guarantee that a 56 mile bike ride in 2 months will be okay... Right???

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