Friday, July 31, 2009

I Should Stop Talking to People at HH

Or not.

After work I headed out with Mary Elizabeth for a quick drink. We kept it simple so we could go home and pack. I was on my walk home (as I am supposed to walk 30 minutes a day) and I decided to stop into the NTP happy hour. Now I was a horrible mentor, but thought I would celebrate all the NTP people I have met this year. Well, I started talking to a few people about next races - a half Ironman and/or a full. Of course, Sandy was there (she was an NTP leader) - and she is the reason I started thinking of IM Florida. So we got to talking and I was trying to remind her (convince her) that IM Florida is totally do-able for 2010. Tammy is in. Karen is (almost) in. I am still working on Brooke - and I just tell people she is in... (he he he). Anyway, K stops by and I remind her that she will be biking with all of us next year, and might as well sign up too. If she doesn't, she will have IM envy.

Not sure if I convinced her or not (I mean, I did have a few...) so to clinch the deal, I pulled out my iPhone with my favorite IM pics. Of course I only have the ones of me smiling, the glorious finish, and having a great time. Which is true - almost a year later, it's all I remember :-)

If I can play my cards right and slowly convince these awesome people tht they CAN do this - we will have an AWESOME Ironman experience. It makes me smile just thinking about it.

But first, tomorrow I head up to Philly (notice I spelled it right this time) with K (a different K), Brooke, Mary Elizabeth, and Diane for SheRox's. Here's hoping its a tri and not a du!

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