Sunday, July 26, 2009

So Inspiring!

Today in Ironman Lake Placid. Multiple times I checked on people's splits and I spent a part of the evening watching the live feed finish. It happened to catch a few DC Tri people crossing the finish like, as well as countless others. The look on their faces... Amazing.

Then, I checked my e-mail and I had a message from Tammy. She made a decision and wants to do IM Florida. I called her up, we chatted, and I have made even more of a verbal commitment. I want to do another one. I want to be there for people's first. I really hope my body will let me... That is really the only question. It's not heart or desier - I have that. It's the body.

Does mind over body work in this type of situation???

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Catharine said...

Yay! I'll scope out the race for you :)