Saturday, July 4, 2009

Not Much To Say

Well, not too much is going on. I am not working out because of my back. I could blog about woe is me... Going to doctors, trying lots of drugs (that are prescribed), stretches, rest rest and more rest... But even that gets old for me.

Everyone has been great, checking in to see if the spasms are coming back. Asking when I can be their training partner again. If I am spasm free after the anti inflammatory drugs were done. it's nice to know people care.

Things are feeling better, but I am so afraid to do anything because I don't know if it's been enough time. I don't know if I take Blain out the spasms will come back. If I go for a light jog, my foot will start to hurt, I adjust my stride and cause my back to spasm.

I just don't know, and it stinks. STINKS!!! It has been the most beautiful weekend, perfect temperature and low humidity - and I can't take advantage of it! Boo!

But, I know what I am doing is for the best. The rest I am doing now will hopefully mean a successful half in September, and maybe in another Ironman in Florida in 2010.

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