Sunday, July 19, 2009

25. With Hills!

I am back on the Blain! After a day of meat at a BBQ and night of wine on a roof deck, I realized that a good ride was needed. My back was feeling okay, so I figured I would give it a shot.

Diane and I met at Beach drive and we were on our way. At the turn around point, I was still feeling pretty good. With about 10 miles left, I decided to turn left and do a nasty hill - just for fun. It's a 2 part-er and I really REALLY wanted to turn around after the first section, but I didn't. I did the entire hill, and glad I did. At the end I met back up with Diane and it was a pretty good ride. A few twinges here and there, but nothing too bad. And the reason for a good ride - the bike jersey. I finally wore my Ironman Wisconsin bike jersey. I haven't been feeling very Ironman-ie so didn't feel like I should/could. But today was the day and I was pretty happy.

As I got home, Arin called to see if I wanted to some laps at HP, and I figured - why not. So we met up but unfortunately, the pool was closed for a swim meet. Boo! But, with a whiny text to Karen, she invited us over to her pool, just to relax. It was wonderful. I have to say, there is something nice about sitting by a pool and not doing laps.

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Janel B said...

Well, it's a good day for sun next to the pool!