Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lesson Learned

We all know I am working on my life balance. Trying to do stuff that doesn't always involve swimming, biking and running. What I learned today is that I can't do both - at least the same time.

Monday and Wednesday's are my swim days. I had an okay swim Monday, and next week I have a meeting Monday night. So, that means I had to swim today. But, some friends asked me to the DC United game and I really wanted to go. I thought I could do both, and it just didn't work out.

I left the swim half way though (still got in 1800) and made it to the game about 15 minutes late. Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen events, it didn't work out and I didn't make it into the game. On ones fault (but mine) and I learned that I do have to make the choice. There will be more swims and more games, and I should try to do it all at once.

Last year was a learning process on focusing on the IM, now I am in the balance learning process. I'll get there and hope those around me are willing to be patient.

Also, DC United did win, 2-0.

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