Monday, April 13, 2009

Too Soon for a Double?

I think it might have been. Charles and I were looking at the class schedule and wondered how the boot camp class would be. I wasn't a fan of the weights class instructor at lunch and taking the night class wasn't going to work with my evening plans. So... Boot camp at lunch it was! Basically, it was a circuits class. I liked it, got my HR up, had to do things quickly and had enough time to rest/recover between each circuit set. This was followed by a killer abs class.

To celebrate the classes, Charles gave me my weakness candy. He offered earlier, however I resisted. But 2:30 came, and I couldn't resist any more. Ummm... And it was worth the 170 (empty) calories. It's only once a year...

And today was my run day, so I had to get that in as well. It wasn't good. Slower than I would have liked. Legs hurt more than they should have... Bah.

I really should put Carlos on the trainer and get a decent ride it - as it's still to dark and cold to ride in the morning with Brooke and ME - but we all know I am just going to sleep. These 2-a-days are exhausting.

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