Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I might have gone out a bit too hard lately. I am B.E.A.T!!! Soooooo tired....

Wednesday's are my work from home days, however there was a meeting scheduled by the higher ups so I had to go in. The good thing is that I could go to my favorite weights and abs classes. It was one of those great classes and muscle workouts where you are a little shaky for about 20 minutes after. Yay for that.

However, it was also my swim night. This was again a night I would have just gone home. Someone else was in charge of the workout, but I still said I would be there - so I went. Even though it was raining. And I had to walk from the metro.

But about half way there, someone picked me up. I hop in the pool and I am just not feeling it. A few of the guys I was swimming with knew I wasn't feeling it, and they weren't either. The workout was a bit ambitious - but I did mange to get in about 2850. I think it was just a bit too much too soon.

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