Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ummm... Cheese

After yesterday's wake up call, I knew I needed to stop the excuses and get moving. I have a race in less than a month! So, I got up and went for a run. When I got back, I remembered why I haven't been running.


I can't even complain about it any more because it's nothing different. Hurts when I am done running, hurts when I walk around, hurts when I wear my inserts, hurts when I don't. I can't find a pattern (which is even more frustrating as an economic analyst! It's what I do!!!) and I just don't know what to do anymore, other than sit on my butt forever and ever. My doctor is awesome, has fixed other areas on my foot, but not the entire foot.

So, what makes things better, CHEESE!! Tonight was another cheese class. Last time was great, and this was pretty good too. I don't know if it's my Wisconsin genes or what, but good cheese makes me happy. And should be a prescription for my foot problems :-)

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