Sunday, April 26, 2009

What a Perfect Day!!

Yesterday was one of those wonderful amazing days!! I learned my lesson last week about going out the night before a long ride, so Friday was a quite night.

TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! The ride yesterday was so amazingly great. Really good route and great people to ride with. It was a no drop ride so people waited at the tops of hills, all major turns, when stopped at CVS get water. And they were my pace!! So nice. There were even these cute stone walls all over!! I really couldn't have asked for a better ride. And it was 30 miles, with hills!

After the best ride of 2009, I met up with an old friend. I used to work for a pro soccer team, and became friends with the bosses wife. They now live in the outskirts of Chicago and she is constantly trying to get me to move there. And I would, if I could get a job. But H has known me for years and it's always good to catch up. She is one of those great, positive, happy (but not in the annoying way) people to have in your life, and I am lucky she is in mine (and no, she doesn't read my blog. Her one flaw).

This was followed up by some much needed ice cream. Let me explain, it was 90+ degrees!!! Remember when I biked HP on Thursday morning and it was 45?!?! That type of temperature change just isn't right. So, ME and I met up for some ice cream, shopping, and some white wine on her roof deck.

Such a great day!!


cheecholina said...

Did you take a picture from my roof? Was I downstairs or just oblivious? :)

No longer IM Moo Wannabe said...

Yes I took a picture from your roof. I am going with oblivious because the next pic on the camera roll is of you...

Which will be posted someday :-)

cheecholina said...

Oh crap ;)