Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Something I Haven't Felt In A Long Time

Soreness. I mean, really REALLY sore. Which is a good thing. See, my weight is still really high. I have been working out, but not so great with the eating. But I continue to workout and today, I FELL IT!!

Yesterday was boot camp class and abs. Both killer. It's some quick moving stuff - jumping jacks, walking lunges and jump rope; but also push ups (that I do off the ballet bar) and ab work that aren't just sit-ups. I really like it and totally felt it this morning.

And what time was this morning, 5:45!!! I needed to ride so I sent an e-mail to the normal crew. If I say I will be there, and others are expecting me, I will go. If not, I sleep. And I really REALLY wanted to sleep. But, I knew ME would be there, and maybe Karen. So I went. It was a pleasant 68 degrees. Pretty sunrise. I really had little to complain about, other than clipping in at 6:30.

There was a pretty large group that were doing the "Hour of Power". 1 minute hard, 1 minute easy, 2 min hard, 2 min easy, up to 5 min and back down. I laughed, ME and I waved good bye, and we were on our own. And it was another really good ride. The middle 20 minutes we pushed hard, I mean HR up, 20.3 mph max speed (on flat baby, no hills), hard. Something I haven't done yet and it felt good, at the time.

And now, I feel it. My legs are sore in places that haven't been since last year. My pecs hurt from the push-ups (yes, even from the ballet bar, but when I try to do them on the ground my shoulders roll out, so ballet bar it is). My abs are sore from class and working on my positioning on Blain when in aero.

And overall, I love it. I finally feel like my training has started. Good thing too because my first race is in 3 weeks!!

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