Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Red Face

Today was my last PT session :-( Well, I still wanted to do more, as did my therapist, however the prescription ran out. I haven't heard back from my foot doctor, so I cancelled the remainder of my sessions until I hear back. Hopefully I will be able to continue.

And what I should have learned was how to tape my foot. I didn't have a tape job, but went on the treadmill at lunch anyway. It stunk because I was 60 and sunny out - perfect running outside weather. But I had a 2 o'clock meeting, was worried about betting stuck on the mall, having to hobble back due to pain, and miss my meeting. What I wasn't expecting was how HOT the gym was. Within 5 minutes I has sweat marks on my back! Now I am an under arm sweater, but that's really it. Dang, after my 40 minutes, 1. my shirt was soaked. and 2. my face was RED. I mean BRIGHT RED!!

This is actually kind of funny because Charles just got back from New York and brought me back this little surprise. It was basically what I looked like - the shade of red that is, not the eyebrow thing.

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